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At ASI, we create a culture of safety to prepare us for the fire-lines so we can eliminate the element of surprise in the field. Our crew members constantly train to improve their knowledge and skill-sets, and ASI has continued to refine our methods and systems of measurement to ensure the highest quality firefighting service which we have become known for throughout the industry. Our crew bosses have decades of experience in the field and teach their crews safe methods for all of ASI’s reforestation services.


ASI Values
The leaders and crews at ASI exemplify what it means to have strength in diversity. From the owners, to the crew leaders, to the crews themselves, you will find only the highest level of respect for any person -- no matter what gender or ethnicity. We come from a diverse set of ethnic backgrounds, bringing multiple perspectives to solving problems in the toughest of situations out in the field. We value our camaraderie, and take pride in knowing that fairness and equality are our most basic and sound principles to live and work by.


ASI Arden Solutions Inc. has experience working in a variety of Forestry services. Our Company also provides National initial attack crews for fire suppression, prevention, rehabilitation, all-hazard incidents that are managed using the Incident Command System (ICS), and severity/preparedness assignments. Our crews and their leaders’ knowledge of and experience in the industry enable them to work efficiently and carefully in any situation in the field.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these services as well as any services not listed here. Some of the main services that we offer.

  • Wildland Fire Suppression

  • Pre-commercial Thinning

  • Emergency Services

  • Fuel Abatement Work



At ASI, we encourage the growth of every employee—no matter what their position. Our crew overhead (SRB’s and Squad Bosses) are well-experienced with many years of experience on the fire lines. Crew members who desire a leadership position are required to have a combination of fire line experience and classroom training before they will be considered for such responsibilities mitigating risk for our crews. Training is very important to us, yet without real life experiences, training may instill too much confidence in a young and eager firefighter, so it is imperative to have both the training and experience to be considered for a promotion at ASI.


Entry Level Firefighters

75 Entry Level Firefighting positions currently available for 2018.

Free Entry Level Training available on the following dates:
March 26th to March 30th and
April 21, 22, 28th and 29th

No experience needed
Must be at least 18 years old
Pass a physical fitness test
Willing to travel
Must be drug-free

Looking for hardworking, dependable, team players who enjoy working outdoors.
If you are interested in joining our elite Firefighting crew please email or call us to get registered for our upcoming trainings.


Crew Bosses & Engine Bosses
This position supervises and leads initial attack fire crews in an effective manner to ensure the level of safety and morale that ASI expects of all of their employees.
Responsibilities include:

Establishing and maintaining shift schedules
Attending daily fire activity briefings
Briefing assigned crew members on assignments
Foreseeing fire crew needs
Anticipating necessary equipment and supplies
Ensuring proper fire suppression techniques
Practicing safety at all times
Conducting evaluations of performance of crews based on industry and ASI standards
Maintaining order and organization in camp

Skills required:
Team leadership
Decision making skills
Ability to read and analyze industry contracts and manuals
Effective listening and communication skills
Stress and time management


Squad Boss
This position carries out instruction from the crew boss, performing the following (but not limited to) duties:

Keeping attendance during shift
Proficiency with manually program a radio
Reporting personnel injures to supervisor
Reporting unsafe practices to supervisor
Supervise small group(s) of up to five people
Providing assistance to Foreman
Maintaining order and enforcing company rules and policy
Organizing lunches and water for all crew members
Organizing equipment for all crews


This position requires the following (but not limited to) responsibilities and duties:

Keeping your Blue card & Insurance with you at all times
*No* use cell phone while driving
Ensuring the mandatory use of seatbelts while the vehicle is in motion
Hold Clear driving record
Maintaining cleanliness of vehicle
Checking fluid levels and tire condition
Upon return from an incident, oversee the preparation of vehicles for the next dispatch

This position requires the following (but not limited to) responsibilities and duties:

Maintaining saws in inspection ready and present at incidents.
Maintaining saw kits, spare parts, etc.
Ensuring safety and proper saw practices at all times
Maintaining adequate eye and hearing protection, chaps, gloves, etc.
Posting lookouts when working around saws



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