Looking for hardworking, dependable, team players who enjoy working outdoors. No experience is needed. Entry-level firefighting positions are available with FREE training. We welcome qualified returning veterans.

Trained, Experienced & Certified

ASI Arden Solutions Inc is a long line of experienced wildland forest specialists with a diverse set of backgrounds. The company offers unique firefighting services on a variety of contracts and assignments in the government and private sectors. We provide trained and professional firefighting personnel, and firefighting equipment resources for wildland fire containment to state, federal, and local government agencies, and private landowners nationwide. ASI has the ability to efficiently mobilize firefighting resources quickly when needed! A self-sufficient company, ASI is able to furnish all necessary firefighting services, supervision, equipment, and transportation of resources. Our firefighting crews and equipment can be used for initial containment and fire suppression, mop-up, standby preparedness, and all-hazard incidents throughout the United States.

Wildland Fire Services

  • Wildland Fire Services Nationwide
  • Providing Type 2 IA (Initial Attack) Crews Nationwide
  • Type 2 Fire Crew
  • Highly Skilled and Trained Fire Suppression Crews
  • Fuel Abatement Fire Prevention Crews
  • Fire Mop-up, Stand-by Preparedness, or All-Hazard Incidents
  • Certified Wildland Fire Suppression Contractor by the National Wildfire Suppression Association
  • Licensed Farm and Forest Labor Contractor in the State of Oregon
  • Experienced Wildland Forest Specialists

ASI is recognized as a leader in wildland firefighting and is proud to have been awarded a multi-year National Type 2 IA Crew wildland firefighting contract by the U.S. Forest Service. We stand at the ready.

“Fighting wildfires and protecting lives, homes and small businesses in Oregon and nationwide demand trained crews that can respond quickly and reliably, I’m pleased the Forest Service has recognized Oregon companies can provide these essential and courageous workers who can defend communities from the devastation that wildfires can unleash.”

—Senator Ron Wyden

“I am grateful for the courage and expertise of our firefighters whose tireless commitment to protecting our communities has saved countless lives and livelihoods,”

—Senator Jeff Merkley

Crew Teamwork

ASI achieves a superior level of performance and safety that is expected of a Type 2 crew through the careful planning and preparation of our methods and equipment, as well as the building of a strong team-based environment that practices clear communication strategies. Our crews go into every assignment with a collaborative mindset to work together with everyone they come into contact with in order to meet their objectives. We constantly strive to grow and innovate by researching new and emerging trends in the industry, ensuring that we remain in the upper tier of our industry.

Commitment to Excellence

With a reputation for hard work, can-do attitudes, and innovative methods, ASI Arden Solutions crews have demonstrated their collaborative mindset and efforts to always get the job done quickly and safely — working cooperatively with others in sharing or loaning tools, fuel, and necessary items to other crews, stepping up to volunteer for tough or unwanted tasks, and working closely with the incident commanders to ensure they are carrying out the duties expected of them.

ASI Arden Solutions Inc is licensed, bonded, and insured

Wildland Fire Fighter Crew, National Forest Service 2IA Firefighting Crews, Type 2 Interagency Crew, NAICS Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE)