Our Values & Mission

We believe in providing the safest and most efficient methods for the protection of our nation’s forests and communities. We persistently educate, train, and encourage the advancement of every crew member in our company to create a culture of teamwork that serves to equip our crews to successfully assess and manage the high risk that comes with the fire-fighting business. We pursue a lifelong commitment to forest service through a variety of reforestation and wildland fire suppression services.

Strength in Diversity

The leaders and crews at ASI exemplify what it means to have strength in diversity. From the owners to the crew leaders to the crews themselves, you’ll find only the highest level of respect for all — no matter what gender or ethnicity. We come from a diverse set of ethnic backgrounds, bringing multiple perspectives to solving problems in the toughest of situations out in the field. We value our camaraderie and take pride in knowing that fairness and equality are our most basic and sound principles to live and work by.

History & Operations

In 2007, Terri Lumbreras established ASI Arden Solutions Inc (ASI) to serve and protect the forests with highly skilled and trained firefighters. She is certified as a professional contractor by the National Wildfire Suppression Association (NWSA) and is experienced and knowledgeable in a multitude of federal and state requirements, including IROC and BETA Sam, as well as Contractor Performance Systems and MSPA requirements.

As a participant in the NWSA certification program, Terri also has advanced training in Business Ethics, U.S. Department of Labor Regulations, U.S. Department of Transportation Regulations, Critical Incident Management, as well as Workers Compensation. Terri’s dedication to continuous training and education in the field carries over to safety for every crew member in the company. Terri also serves on the NWSA planning committee and has taken several employees to the convention over the last 10 years to add to their knowledge of the industry, and pursue further team-building strategies, which serves to strengthen a strong unit mentality as crew members at ASI Arden Solutions Inc.

ASI’s Assistant Manager, Elsa Garcia, is responsible for file storage and management, payroll, wage agreements, and federal MSPA licenses for all drivers. Elsa is also involved in the company’s office billing, procurement, insurance, coordination of crew training dates, pack test notifications, I-9s, and IROC updates among other routine administrative tasks. Elsa supports Terri on a variety of office tasks and daily business operations. In addition, she does records data entry and database administration tasks, including maintaining the records database fire files and employees’ training records.


President / Chief Executive Officer


Assistant Manager

ASI Main Office

1015 Monmouth St · Independence, Oregon 97351

In order to better serve our clients and our crews, ASI owns a facility dedicated to its fire operations. The facility consists of a commercially-zoned office (1,900 square feet) and two outbuildings for storage, all of which are situated upon a 16,800 square foot lot. We also have approximately 15,000 feet of open parking area for our vehicles and to lay out our equipment for inspections.

The interior space consists of two private offices, an open workspace, and a reception area. There is a full bathroom with a shower on the ground floor as well as a full kitchen/break room for the crew to take advantage of while staging. The facility also includes a full basement used for storage and space for crew members to gather and rest or socialize while staging. The basement also includes a laundry facility for washing fire clothes. The facility is equipped with high-speed internet service, phone lines, fax lines, and counter space to assemble documents and fill out paperwork. The facility also has a new HVAC system with air conditioning so that crew members can come in and cool off during particularly warm and long periods of staging.

ASI Support & Training Facility

3955 Independence Hwy · Independence, Oregon 97351

Our support facility consists of a 4,000 square foot maintenance shop that is complete with many hand and air tools, floor jacks, tool presses, chain lifts, and an assortment of other tools. It also has a small administrative office in the shop where we are able to receive faxed orders, emails, or phone calls. The location is kept secure via a gated perimeter, and the entire facility is under 24-hour digitally-recorded surveillance. This support facility also has a fuel storage room that is a completely separate building from the main maintenance shop. The fuel storage support facility has two 1,000 gallon fuel tanks: one for gasoline and the other for diesel fuel.